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Description of training programme 6.010201 Physical Education

Qualification: a teacher of Physical training

Qualification level:

Bachelor (first level of higher education)

Requirements for admission:

There are no special requirements for admission; students’ enrolment is held according to general admission rules.

For persons with a young specialist qualification and specialty “Physical training” who want to obtain bachelor degree studying at part-time department, the period of instruction is 2 years.

Qualification requirements and regulations:

Programme profile:

Students obtain necessary knowledge of Physical training, sport and other contiguous sciences. Research modern methodology is paid attention to in the process of studying. Learning of theoretical and practical material, practice experience (25,5 ECTS credits of practice are planned during course studying), obtaining of empiric information accumulating methods, methods of necessary decisions and conclusions’ analysis and synthesis help to form highly skilled specialist in the field of Physical training.

Specialists are able to see changes in the processes of development of every pupil’s and sportsman’s individuality physical and psychological qualities, to determine development peculiarities and tendencies of sports or a kind of sport, taking economic and social processes of Ukraine into consideration, and as a consequence to prognosticate necessary perspective kinds of activity.

In Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University the main feature of the professional training programme 6.010201 Physical Education is aimed at solution of Physical Education applied problems and formation of ability to manage sport training process and a thorough knowledge of Physical Education and sport physiological principles.

Total credit number of academic programme – 240 ECTS credits including: modules of humanities and social economic training – 120 credits, compulsory – 60 credits, selective part – 60.

Main outcomes of education:

  1. Programme knowledge

Thorough knowledge of humanities and social economic subjects, physiological principles of physical education and sport, professional and practical training subjects aimed at practical usage of acquired theoretical knowledge.

Basic ideas about

normative documentation, science and methodical materials of physical education and sport documentation provision;

modern methodology of physical education and sport research;

massive sport and sport of high achievement;

an exercise as a main means of sport training;

influence of physical activity on human physical development;

mechanisms of motion skills’ development;

forms of lesson organization in sport training.

  1. Programme cognitive abilities and skills

ability to use knowledge and skills for solving practical problems of physical education and sport;

abilities and skills of abstract and concrete thinking, creative and effective activity;

abilities to evaluate, interpretation and synthesis of information received from different sources;

experience of research and practical material presentation;

abilities and skills of mastering modern technologies for future professional activity.

  1. Program practical skills

Work experience in different age groups of sportsmen and pupils.

Ability to use profile professional knowledge and practical skills acquired from fundamental and professional subjects for information processing, its practical application for professional activity.

Ability to use special and supporting training equipment.

  1. General abilities and skills

Ability to study processes of world sport development.

Ability to study individually and to develop professional skills.

Ability to use main principles of human physical development and ecology principles in professional activity.

Ability to organize own activities and to control own time effectively.

Pedagogical ability to communicate orally and in writing form using both Ukrainian and one of the most widely used European languages.

Experience of cooperation with other people, working in groups of different profile professionals.

Ability to take pupils’ individual peculiarities into consideration in studying and training process.

Professional profiles of graduating students with examples:

Objects of bachelor activity according training programme 6.010201 Physical Education are modern technologies of pupils’ physical education and sportsmen’s training at comprehensive schools and schools for children and youth.

Professional profile – a teacher of Physical training.

He organizes schoolchildren’s physical training process at comprehensive school.

Professional profile – a coach at school for children and youth.

He organizes young sportsmen’s training process at school for children and youth.

Access to further education:

After completion of Bachelor educational qualification programme a student can continue instruction at the further level of higher education (level - specialist) under competitive selection, specialty “Pedagogics and methods of secondary education. Physical education” (1 year on the Bachelor degree base).

Regulations about examinations, assessment, grades

Regulations of studying process organization at Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University.

Requirements for graduation (programme completion):

After completion of Bachelor educational qualification programme a student has right to

complete course programme of 240 credits;

pass complex qualification examination of Physical training theory and methods and medical biological principles of Physical training or defend Bachelor research work at the State examination committee meeting.

Education form:

Full-time, part-time

Program director: Galyna V. Bezverkhnya – Candidate of science in physical training and sport, assistant professor at Theory and Methodology of Physical Education Chair

Description of some course units:

Module code Module name             

ОНД.01 Ukrainian language (for specific purposes)
ОНД.02 History and culture of Ukraine
ОНД.03 Philosophy
ОНД.04 Politology and Sociology Sciences
ОНД.05 Foreign Language
ОНД.06 Safety of life activity
ОНД.07 Information Technology in the field
ОНД.08 Ukrainian Studies
ОНД.09 Pedagogics
ОНД.10 Principles of pedagogical skills
ОНД.11 History of Pedagogics
ОНД.12 Psychology
ОНД.13 Human Physiology
ОНД.14 Human Anatomy
ОНД.15 Theory and methods of Physical Training
ОНД.16 Gymnastics with methods of its trainig
ОНД.17 Track and Field Athletics with methods of its trainig
ОНД.18 Sports games with methods of its teaching
ОНД.19 Swimming with methods of its teaching
ДВФ.01 General theory of sportsmen training
ДВФ.02 Entrance to profession
ДВФ.03 Active games with methods of its teaching
ДВФ.04 Physical training with students of special medical group
ДВФ.05 Organization Local and Tourist activity
ДВФ.06 Practice in summer camps
ДВФ.07 Practical training (distance from studying)
ДВФ.08 Control in Physical Education
ДВФ.09 Therapeutic physical training
ДВФ.10 Sports improvement
ДВФ.11 Health Psychology
ДВФ.12 Sports metrology
ДВС 1.01 Adapted Physical Training
ДВС 1.02 Biochemistry
ДВС 1.03 Theory and methods of skiing teaching
ДВС 1.04 Physical Education Sphere Description
ДВС 1.05 Principles of Economics Theory
ДВС 1.06 Football, minifootball with methods of its training
ДВС 1.07 Musical and Rhythmical Training
ДВС 1.08 Wrestling and methods of its teaching
ДВС 1.09 Professional activity in Physical Training
ДВС 1.10 Organization and methods of athletic and mass work
ДВС 1.11 Biomechanics
ДВС 1.12 Sports facilities and equipment
ДВС 1.13 Olympic and professional Sport