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Ukrainian language for professional purposes

  1. Module name: Ukrainian language for professional purposes
  2. Module code:ОНД.01
  3. Module type: compulsory
  4. Semester: I, II
  5. Module structure: total number of academic hours – 120 (ECTS credits –4); class hours – 40 (lectures – 10, practical classes – 30)
  6. Lecturer: Iryna A. Denysuk
  7. Education outcomes:

After the module studying a student is to

know: the development stages of the Ukrainian literary language; formation of professional terminology; spelling norms of the modern Ukrainian literary language, peculiar principles of orthography and spelling; changing patterns for parts of speech; rules of using punctuation marks in simple, composite and extended sentences;

be able: to follow the pronunciation rules proper to the Ukrainian literary language; to improve own speech; to find spelling units in words and texts; to form rules of using spelling units; to write in a correct way showing knowledge of spelling norms and high culture of writing speech; to decline nominal parts of speech according to the Ukrainian linguistics rules; to use correctly punctuation marks in different types of sentences

  1. Teaching mode: classes
  2. Required compulsory prior and related modules:
  3. Module content:

Orthoepy. Orthography. Principles of Ukrainian orthography. Orthography of double consonants. Simplification in consonant groups. Changes of consonants in word building. Spelling of compound geographical names. Peculiarities of case inflections within nominal parts of speech. Spelling of compound words. Principles of Ukrainian punctuation. Dash between subject and predicate. Punctuation marks in sentences with homogeneous members. Punctuation marks in sentences with detached members. Compound sentence. Punctuation marks in compound sentences

  1. Literature to use:
  2. Українська мова: Практикум: навч. посібники / уклад. Г.О. Козачук. – 2-ге вид., переробл. і доп. – К.: Вища школа, 2008. – 414 с.
  3. Фурдуй М.І. Українська мова. Практикум з правопису. Навчальний посібник. – К.: Либідь, 2004. – 230 с.
  4. Forms and methods of instruction: practical classes, individual work
  5. Evaluation methods and criteria:
    • Current control (90%): oral feedback, home individual work
    • Final control (10%, credit): multiple tests, module test
  6. Language of instruction: Ukrainian