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  1. Module name: Politology
  2. Module code: ОНД.04
  3. Module type: compulsory
  4. Semester: 8
  5. Module structure: total number of academic hours – 90 (ECTS credits – 3); class hours – 46 (lectures – 22, seminars - 24)
  6. Lecturer: O. Karasevich – Candidate of Historical Sciences, professor
  7. Education outcomes:

After the module studying a student is to

know: main concepts, categories, terms, conceptions of Politology science; law subjects’ classification, general description, activity peculiarities and functioning; structure and functions of political system; significance, features of the state as a main institute of political system; concept of state form and its constituents, system of state authority organization in Ukraine; main directions of Ukrainian foreign policy; significance, features, functions of political parties and interest groups, typology of political culture;

be able: to put acquired theoretical knowledge into practice in evaluation of state and world social and political processes

  1. Teaching mode: classes
  2. Required compulsory prior and related modules:
  • Prerequisities: History of Ukraine
  • Corequisities: Phylosophy
  1. Module content:

History of world and Ukrainian political ideas. Conceptions of politics and authority. Political system. State and civil society. Political regimes. System of state authority organization in Ukraine. Political parties and party systems. Interest groups. Political leaders and ruling elite. Election processes and election techniques. Political conflicts and ways of their adjustment. State foreign policy and international relations

  1. Literature to use:
  2. Гелей С.Д., Рутар С.М. Політологія: навч. посібник. — 7-ме вид., перероб. і доп. / С. Д. Гелей.. — К.: Знання. 2008. — 415 с.
  3. Політологія: підручник / [Димитрова Л. М., Кисельова С. О.]; за ред. Л.М. Димитрової, С.О. Кисельової. — К.: Знання, 2009. — 206 с.
  4. Політологія: навч. посібник / за заг. ред. проф. А.М. Чернія. — К.: Міленіум, 2006. — 366 с.
  5. Горлач М.І., Кремень В.Г. Політологія. Наука про політику: підручник для студ. вищ. навч. закл. / В. Г. Кремень. — К.: Центр учбової літератури, 2009. — 840 с.
  6. Шляхтун П.П. Політологія (теорія та історія політичної науки): підручник. / П.П. Шляхтун. — К.: Либідь, 2002. — 576 с.
  7. Forms and methods of instruction: lectures, seminars, practical classes, individual work
  8. Evaluation methods and criteria:
    • Current control (60%): oral feedback, reports at seminars, multiple tests
  • Final control (40%, examination): multiple tests, theoretical questions, individual research assignment
  1. Language of instruction: Ukrainian