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Safety of life activity

  1. Module name: Safety of life activity
  2. Module code: ОНД.06
  3. Module type: compulsory
  4. Semester: 1
  5. Module structure: total number of academic hours – 120 (ECTS credits – 4); class hours – 40 (lectures - 20, practical classes – 20)
  6. Lecturer: Azizov N.T.
  7. Education outcomes:

After the module studying a student is to

know: structure, content, interrelation of population life activity and environment; factors, circumstances and conditions of emergency situations breaking out; principles and means of human security in every day life and in conditions caused by emergency situations;

be able: to act competently in conditions of both hazards in every day life and emergency situations; to find out outside and inside factors of positive and negative influence on human life activity and health; to ground optimum living conditions and principles

  1. Teaching mode: classes
  2. Required compulsory prior and related modules: -
  3. Module content:

Theoretical principles of safety of life activity. Human functional physiology within his interrelation with environment. Rational conditions of human life activity. Influence of human activity on environment. Natural disasters. Dangers caused by technological activities of people. Social political, complex dangers and risks in contemporary urban surroundings

  1. Literature to use:
  2. Бєгун В.В., Науменко І.М. Безпека життєдіяльності (забезпечення соціальної, техногенної та природної безпеки). - Київ, 2004 . – 327 с.
  3. Гайченко В.А., Коваль Г.М. Основи безпеки життєдіяльності людини: навч. посіб. –К.: МАУП, 2002. – 232 с.
  4. Желібо Є.П., Заверуха Н.М., Зацарний В.В. Безпека життєдіяльності. – Львів: Новий Світ – 2000, 2001. – 210 с.
  5. Forms and methods of instruction: lectures, practical classes, individual work
  6. Evaluation methods and criteria:
    • Current control (60%): oral feedback, multiple tests
    • Final control (40%, credit): written reports, module tests
  7. Language of instruction: Ukrainian