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  1. Module name: Pedagogics
  2. Module code: ОНД.09
  3. Module type: compulsory
  4. Semester: 3, 4
  5. Module structure: total number of academic hours – 270 (ECTS credits – 9); class hours – 80 (lectures - 40, laboratory works – 14, practical classes – 26)
  6. Lecturer: V. Bezludna – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, assistant professor
  7. Education outcomes:

After the module studying a student is to

know: theoretical bases of contemporary pedagogics; main concepts and categories; significance and rules of individual development; principles, forms, methods and means of educational process organization; bases of personality’s physical, mental, spiritual development and the most important educational styles; general bases of education system organization and administration of educational establishment;

be able: to conduct educational activity adjusted for main principles of national education system, new approaches to the education theory and technology; to plan pedagogical activity, to determine and ground pedagogical tasks; to choose complex of national education effective forms and methods; to realize effective pedagogical interaction, to guarantee pupils’ physical, mental, spiritual development; to organize and stimulate schoolchildren’s activity, behaviour and interaction; to analyze educational situations and outcomes; to study schoolchildren and pupils’ collective; to provide self-education, to put pedagogics achievement and perspective pedagogical experience into practice, to conduct pedagogical observation, to show creativity in pedagogical occupation

  1. Teaching mode: classes
  2. Required compulsory prior and related modules: -
  3. Module content:

Pedagogics as an education science. Main characteristic of pedagogical research methods. Problem of education aim in Pedagogics. Individual development, socialization and upbringing. Subject and main categories of didactics. Educational process, its structure. Methods and means of education and intensification of pupils’ cognitive activity. Forms of education organization. Forms and methods of interactive education. A lesson at a modern school. Control, assessment and registration of pupils’ educational progress. Significance of educational process. Educative principles. Educational methods. Main tendencies of schoolchildren’s education. Organizing forms of educative activity. System of education in Ukraine. School management and administration

  1. Literature to use:
  2. Ярошинська О.О. Дидактика: навчально-методичний посібник. – Умань: РВЦ «Софія». – 2007. – 192 с.
  3. Ярошинська О.О. Загальні основи педагогіки: навчально-методичний посібник. – Умань: СПД Жовтий. – 2008. – 152 с.
  4. Ярошинська О.О. Школознавство: навчально-методичний посібник. – Умань: СПД Жовтий. – 2009. – 150 с.
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  6. Forms and methods of instruction: lectures, practical classes, individual work, annotating of original literature, searching methods, interactive methods
  7. Evaluation methods and criteria:
    • Current control (80%): oral and written test, multiple test, individual work
    • Final control (20%, examination): theoretical questions, interview
  8. Language of instruction: Ukrainian