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Principles of pedagogical skills

  1. Module name: Principles of pedagogical skills
  2. Module code: ОНД.10
  3. Module type: selective
  4. Semester: 5
  5. Module structure: total number of academic hours – 90 (ECTS credits – 3); class hours – 40 (lectures - 10, practical classes – 30)
  6. Lecturer: Alla V. Dobryden
  7. Education outcomes:

After the module studying a student is to

know: significance and peculiarities of teacher profession; teacher’s professionally important qualities and determinants of their development; main principles, means of professional and pedagogical self-perfection; rules of efficient pedagogical interaction; principles of teacher’s communicative culture functioning; pedagogical potentialities of teacher’s professional equipment; peculiarities of teacher’s intrinsic psychotechnics; studying criteria, summing up, application of pedagogical experience;

be able: to evaluate objectively own professional abilities and to develop them purposefully; to realize efficiently professional pedagogical self-education; to find and create conditions of effective pedagogical communication; to form contacts with pupils on the basis of subject-subject interaction; to show pedagogical artistry in practical work with children; to introduce new progressive pedagogical findings

  1. Teaching mode: classes
  2. Required compulsory prior and related modules: Pedagogics, Entrance to profession
  3. Module content:

Essence, content of pedagogical skills and teacher’s creative work, ways of its realization. Teacher as a subject of creative pedagogical work. Technological principles of educational activity. Theoretical and technological principles of professional pedagogical communication. Pedagogical techniques. Pedagogical artistry. Skills of pedagogical interaction organization in education process

  1. Literature to use:
  2. Педагогічна творчість: підручник / За ред. С.О. Сисоєвої. − К.: НПУ ім. М.П. Драгоманова, 2005. − 183 с.
  3. Педагогічна майстерність: хрестоматія / За ред. І.А. Зязюна. − К.: СПД Богданова, 2008. − 461 с.
  4. Дербеньова А.Г. Тренінги з розвитку комунікативності вчителів. – Х.: Основа, 2009. – 159 с.
  5. Forms and methods of instruction: lectures, seminars, individual research assignment, individual work
  6. Evaluation methods and criteria:
    • Current control (90%): oral feedback, multiple tests, individual work
  • Final control (10%, credit): module test, oral answer
  1. Language of instruction: Ukrainian