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History of Pedagogics

  1. Module name: History of Pedagogics
  2. Module code: ОНД.11
  3. Module type: compulsory
  4. Semester: 1
  5. Module structure: total number of academic hours – 90 (ECTS credits – 3); class hours – 30 (lectures - 16, seminars – 14)
  6. Lecturer: Dmytro I. Pashchenko – Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, assistant professor
  7. Education outcomes:

After the module studying a student is to

know: significance of native pedagogical conceptions; a thorny path of Ukrainian people’s fight for native language existence; main tendencies of education development in different historical periods in this country and abroad; positive and negative aspects of different pedagogical ideas, organization forms and education methods; history of the most essential pedagogical ideas’ development;

be able: to evaluate well-known pedagogical ideas in a critical and argumentative way; to compare achievements of native pedagogics in the definite period with state of foreign pedagogics at the same period; to ground appropriateness of using a definite pedagogical idea in contemporary conditions, to foreknow possible consequences of such borrowing

  1. Teaching mode: classes
  2. Required compulsory prior and related modules: General principles of pedagogics, History of Ukraine, World History
  3. Module content:

Main stages of foreign school and education development from Ancient to present times. Genesis of the leading pedagogical ideas’ developing. Outstanding foreign persons in education science. History of native education and pedagogical ideas. Elements of folk education, education in Kyivan Rus, in Cossacks period. Native educators’ contribution to education theory and practice

  1. Literature to use:
  2. Левківський М.В. Історія педагогіки: навчальний посібник. - Житомир: ЖДПУ, 2001. – 220 с.
  3. Любар О.О., Стельмахович М.Г., Федоренко Д.Т. Історія української школи і педагогіки: навч. посібн. / За ред. Любара О.О. - К.: Знання, 2003. – 450 с.
  4. Історія педагогіки / За ред. М.В. Левківського, О.А. Дубасенюк. - Житомир, 1999. – 336 с.
  5. Forms and methods of instruction: lectures, seminars, practical classes, individual research assignment, individual work
  6. Evaluation methods and criteria:
    • Current control (70%): oral feedback, individual work
    • Final control (30%, credit): multiple tests, module test
  7. Language of instruction: Ukrainian